All females sorted by CYP2B6 activity (A); Caucasian males sorted by CYP2B6 activity (B); Hispanic males sorted by CYP2B6 activity (C); African-American males sorted by CYP2B6 activity (D)

Additional patient demographics: Human liver nos. 105, 159, and 817 had cancer; no. 3 had liver (Caroli's) disease; no. 44 had acute hepatitis. Samples 216, 604, 659, 763, 766, 775, 776, 784, 789, 729, 758, 817, 794, 797, 629, 624, 836, and 844 were smokers.

  • Empty squares, data not available; white backgrounds, homozygous major alleles; light gray backgrounds, heterozygous; dark gray backgrounds, homozygous minor alleles. AA, African-American; C, Caucasian; H, Hispanic; A, Asian.

    a Nirvanol formation (pmol/min/mg protein); BQL, below quantifiable limits.

    b Picomoles of CYP2B6 protein/mg microsomal protein.

    c,d Relative CYP2B6 and CAR mRNA (arbitrary units), respectively.

    e-h Subjects on known inducers of CYP2B6: efluconazole; fphenobarbital; gdexamethasone; hdilantin.