In vivo pro- and antinociceptive effects of NOP receptor antagonists

Compound B (J-113397)

    i.t., i.c.v. Rat formalin test Pronociceptive in phase II Yamamoto et al. (2001)
    Systemic, i.p. No effect
    Local peripheral Capsaicin-induced thermal nociception in monkeys No effect on its own Ko et al. (2002a)
    Systemic, s.c.t. Mouse tail-flick test No effect Ozaki et al. (2000)
    Systemic, s.c.t. Mouse tail-flick test and tail pinch Attenuation of tolerance to morphine Ueda et al. (2000)
    i.t. Mouse formalin test Antinociceptive Muratani et al. (2002)
    Systemic, i.v./p.o. Rat formalin test Antinociceptive (naloxone insensitive) Yamada et al. (2002)
    Systemic, p.o. Mouse hot plate and rat formalin test Antinociceptive (naloxone insensitive) Shinkai et al. (2000)
    i.c.v. Mouse tail withdrawal test Antinociceptive (naloxone insensitive) Caló et al. (2000)
    i.t. Rat chronic constriction injury No effect Corradini et al. (2001)
    i.t. Flexor reflex in spinalized rats Facilatory (pronociceptive) Xu et al. (2002)
    i.c.v. Mouse tail withdrawal test Potentiation of morphine antinociception and attenuation of tolerance to morphine Rizzi et al. (2000)
    i.c.v. Mouse tail-flick test and hot plate Antinociceptive (ineffective in NOP-/- mice), no tolerance development Di Giannuario et al. (2001)
Tail withdrawal test
Calò et al. (2002)