Table 1

Summary of in vitro assay results

Number of drugs4845
Range P app A→B(nm/s)2.52–7481.51–792
RangeP app B→A (nm/s)5.88–7883.17–834
B → A/A → B P app range0.76–44.70.78–261
Range passive P app(nm/s)1-a 2.17–8472.49–674
Mean passiveP app(nm/s)4741-b 3311-b
Number (%) of drugs transported by Pgp7 (14.6)19 (42.2)
Number (%) of drugs positive in calcein-AM28 (58.3)18 (40.0)
  • 1-a Passive permeability was taken as theP app B→A in the presence of GF120918.

  • 1-b Significant difference between the mean values for CNS and non-CNS (p < 0.05; Wilcoxon rank sums test).