Table 1

Donor information for human microsomal and hepatocyte preparations

DonorSexAgeRaceCause of DeathDrug History
HIMPool of 10 donors
HLMPool of 15 donors
HH 1Female45CaucasianCancer resectionNone reported
HH 2Male47CaucasianBrain haemorrhageSmoker
HH 3Male76CaucasianUnknownNone reported
HH 4Female60CaucasianUnknownNone reported
CHH 1Female59HispanicCerebrovascular accidentSmoker, depression, asthma
CHH 2Male42HispanicBrain haemorrhageHypertension, epilepsy
CHH 3Male65CaucasianBrain haemorrhageSmoker
  • CHH, cyropreserved human hepatocyte.