Table 3

Gender differences in hepatic microsomal activities and UGT1A6 protein content

Median (25–75%)nMedian (25–75%)n
Acetaminophen-UGT117 (72–172)24174 (109–245)320.047
Bilirubin-UGT (UGT1A1)152 (111–249)10192 (144–236)100.734
Imipramine-UGT (UGT1A4)30 (22–34)1026 (21–31)100.571
Relative UGT1A6 protein (UGT1A6)8 (4–10)1012 (7–13)100.076
Propofol-UGT (UGT1A9)245 (135–322)10291 (239–364)100.521
Androsterone-UGT (UGT2B)52 (47–59)1058 (45–66)100.734
Phenacetin-O-deethylase (CYP1A2)437 (211–659)10583 (271–802)100.571

Activities (pmol/min/mg protein) and relative UGT1A6 protein content were determined using the either entire set of liver microsomes with identified gender (n = 56; acetaminophen-UGT activities) or a subset from 10 male and 10 female donors. Data given include the median, 25 to 75 percentiles and size (n) of each group, as well as the P value for the comparison using the Mann-Whitney rank sum test.