Table 3

Effect of NSAIDs or gemcitabine on apoptosis in pancreatic tumor cells

Control (DMSO)0.90.3
 250 μM0.30.8
 500 μM7.98.2
Indomethacin, 100 μM1.12.2
NS-398, 100 μM1.50.2
Gemcitabine, 20 nM0.40.5

Extent of apoptosis following treatment of BxPC-3 and PaCa-2 cells with the indicated NSAIDs or gemcitabine for 3 days was measured by the incorporation of FITC-dUTP in the presence of TdT enzyme to detect DNA fragmentation. Cells were stained with RNase A/PI and analyzed by flow cytometry. The results from a representative experiment are presented, and similar results were obtained in at least two separate experiments.