Table 2

Kinetic parameters for MIR-8-hydroxylation, MIR-N-demethylation, and MIR -N-oxidation by cDNA-expressed enzymes

K m 2-a 13812410237121130378136226
V max 2-b 0.310.481.140.190.312.5310.90.283.63
n2-c N.A.2-d 1.94N.A.N.A.N.A.1.811.35N.A.1.72
  • 2-a  Km (μM): Michaelis-Menten constant.

  • 2-b  Vmax (pmol/pmol of CYP/min): maximal reaction velocity.

  • 2-c  n, Hill coefficient for cooperative substrate binding; if n is given, data was consistent with the Hill equation.

  • 2-d  N.A., not applicable, data consistent with the Michaelis-Menten equation.