Table 2

Summary of the blockade potency of bupropion on different pharmacological actions of nicotine after s.c. and i.t. administration in mice

Pharmacological Effect or TestAD50
Tail-flick after s.c.2.4 (2.0–3.6)
Tail-flick after i.t.9.0 (2.5–30)2-a
Hot-plate8.0 (5.9–10.9)
Hypomotility4.0 (3.5–6.3)
Seizures4.5 (4.2–5.3)
Hypothermia8.5 (4–18.3)

AD50 values [±confidence limits (CL)] were calculated from the dose-response curves and expressed as milligrams per kilogram. Each dose group included six to eight animals.

  • 2-a  AD50 values (±CL) after i.t. administration are expressed as micrograms per animal.