Table 1

Transient expression of NR1a/NR2A receptor complexes results in coexpression of [3H]MK-801, [3H]CGP39,653, and 125I-(des-tyrosyl) dynorphin A(2-17) specific binding

LigandNet Specific Binding1-afmol/mgn
[3H]MK-801, 40 nM143  ± 17.84
[3H]CGP39,653, 50 nM362  ± 613
125I-Dynorphin A(2-17), 10 nM1456  ± 342
  • 1-a Net specific binding of a ligand was determined by subtracting the specific binding of the ligand in nontransfected cells from that in transfected cells in parallel binding assays using the same amount of membrane protein per assay.