Table 1

Assays for individual P-450s

P-4501-aSubstrateConcentrationmAb1-bP-450 ConcentrationProductInternal Standard1-cReferences
μM μl/ml nM
3A4Testosterone20010156β-OH-Testosterone6β-OH-Progesterone Hanioka et al. (1990)
3A5Testosterone20010156β-OH-Testosterone6β-OH-Progesterone Hanioka et al. (1990)
3A7Testosterone20010156β-OH-Testosterone6β-OH-Progesterone Hanioka et al. (1990)
1A1Phenanthrene30010259,10-DihydrodiolB[a]P 9,10-Diol Shou et al. (1994)
1A2Estrone10010502-OH-EstroneB[a]Pcis-4,5-Diol Shou et al. (1997)
2A6Coumarin10010207-OH-Coumarin7-Ethoxycoumarin Yun et al. (1991)
2B6Diazepam2001050Nordiazepam2-oxo-Quanzepam Yang et al. (1998)
2C8Taxol2510256α-OH-TaxolBaccatin III Rahman et al. (1994)
2C9Flurbiprofen2010154′-OH-FlurbiprofenB[a]A 5,6-Diol Tracy et al. (1995)
2C19Mephenytoin10010254′-OH-MephenytoinNirvanol Goldstein et al. (1994)
2D6Bufuralol2510101′-OH-BufuralolTemazepam Crespi et al. (1995)
2E1Chlorzoxazone20010506-OH-ChlorzoxazoneB[a]A 5,6-Diol Peter et al. (1990)
  • 1-a Baculovirus-expressed individual P-450s were coexpressed with OR in Sf21 insect cells as described in the text.

  • 1-b mAb concentration was expressed as μl of mouse ascites pml incubation mixture.

  • 1-c Internal standard was used for metabolite quantitation.