Table 2

Comparison of activities of mutants with an entire SRS converted from the 2B6 sequence to the 2B1 sequence

ProteinAmino Acid Changes7-HFC16β-OH Androstenedione
2B17.12  (1.46)16.00  (2.07)
2B63.74  (0.48)0.04
ΔS1K100T, M103V, V104I, D105E, F107I, R109K, G110E0.070.03
ΔS2N200E, Q204R2.62  (0.56)<0.01
ΔS5L363V, M365I, I370R1.17  (0.27)0.03
ΔS6Q473K, C475S, V477I5.42  (0.88)0.14

Results are average of two assays. Values in parentheses represent the S.D. This error was not calculated on values of less than 1.00 nmol/min/nmol.