Table 1

Characterization of noninduced Caco-2, MDR-1-transfected Caco-2, as well as vinblastine-induced Caco-2 cells with respect to expression of P-gp

Maximum Binding CapacityMean Factor of Increase in Binding Capacity
fmol/1 × 106cells
Non-induced Caco-2631 /721 n = 2, individual results
MDR-1 transfected963 /1060 n = 2, individual results1.5
Induced Caco-21660 ± 671  n = 6, mean ± S.D.2.5

Maximum binding capacity of cell preparations determined by saturation experiments with RBA using [3H]verapamil as the radioligand and mean factor of increase in binding capacity of radioligand to P-gp for transfected and induced cells (noninduced = 1).