Table 4

Patients treated with high-dose STS from the beginning of their BBBD plus carboplatin therapy4-a

PatientAge/SexDiagnosisNo. BBBD treatments with carboplatin plus STSSTS Dose Chemotherapy before STSPrior RTNoise Hx
134 /MGBM1220 g/m2 NoNoYes
247 /MGBM616 g/m2 (×2) 20 g/m2(×4)Five courses BCNUYesNo
352 /FPNET620 g/m2 Intra-arterial carboplatin for 1 treatmentYesYes
44-b 54 /FPNET1612 g/m2 (×2) 20 g/m2(×14)NoNoN/A
559 /MPCNSL116 g/m2 ProMACE/CytaBOM for six courses; i.t. methotrexate for four cycles; BBBD with methotrexate for five treatmentsYesNo
64-b 68 /FPCNSL220 g/m2 Methotrexate with BBBD for 19 treatments; etoposide phosphate for two treatmentsNoYes
756 /MOligoastrocytoma1016 g/m2 (×2) 20 g/m2(×8)NoNoYes
857 /MOligodendroglioma1220 g/m2(×12)NoYesYes
962 /FPCNSL520 g/m2 (×5)Etoposide, CHOP, DHAPNoN/A
1040 /MAstrocytoma420 g/m2 (×4)Procarbazine, Lomustine, VincristineYesYes
1127 /FAnaplastic Oligodendroglioma1020 g/m2 (×10)NoNoNo
1212 /FBrain stem glioma216 g/m2(×2)NoNoNo
1342 /FOligodendroglioma1720 g/m2(×17)NoYesNo
1459 /MPCNSL320 g/m2 (×3)NoNoN/A
1511 /FGBM616 g/m2 (×6)Methotrexate, vincristine, Ara-CYesNo
1666 /MAstrocytoma320 g/m2(×3)NoNoYes
1740 /FOligoastrocytoma620 g/m2 (×6)NoNoNo
  • 4-a PCNSL, primary central nervous system lymphoma; GBM, glioblastoma multiforme; i.t., intrathecal; PNET, primitive neuroectodermal tumor; RT, radiation therapy.

  • 4-b Hearing not evaluable.