Table 1

Basic values used for the conversion of intrinsic clearance per mg microsomal protein into that per g liver in rats, dogs and humans

Rat44.8 mg MS protein/g liver (n = 3)3-a
Dog77.9 mg MS protein/g liver (n = 4) Knaak et al., 1993
Human48.8 mg MS protein/g liver (n = 60) Grant et al., 1987; Seddon et al., 1989;
Bayliss et al., 1990; Shimada et al., 1994
  • 3-a P-450 content was measured in both liver microsomes (0.563 nmol/mg MS protein) and homogenates corresponding to 1 g of liver (25.2 nmol/g liver) in our study. From these data, 1 g of rat liver will contain 44.8 mg of MS protein.