Table 1

Kinetic Parameters for TFA and bromide formation from P450-catalyzed halothane oxidation by HLM and cDNA-expressed P450

Vmax1-aKm(vol%)Km (μM)Ki(vol%)Vmax/Km(ml/min/g)VmaxKm(vol%)Km (μM)Ki(vol%)Vmax/Km (ml/min/g)
HLM1-b High affinity1300.045304.31700.045305.7
cDNA1-c 2E10.300.053350.360.520.030201.3
HLMLow affinity941.28000.121300.946300.21
  • 1-a Rates of halothane oxidation by human liver microsomes expressed as pmol/min/mg protein; Rates of halothane oxidation by cDNA-expressed P450 expressed as pmol/min/pmol P450.

  • 1-b Human liver microsomes.

  • 1-c cDNA-expressed P450.