Table 5

Effect of icv administration of AZT, DDI or probenecid on the efflux of [3H]AZT or [3H]DDI from the brain after intracerebral microinjection

Icv Injected InhibitorAmount5-aPercentage Remaining in the Brain5-b
Control58.1  ± 6.93 84.4  ± 2.05
Probenecid0.3561.9  ± 4.13 80.8  ± 5.77
AZT0.5058.8  ± 2.94 n.d.5-c
DDI0.50n.d.5-c 79.2  ± 4.14
  • 5-a Ten microliters of injectate containing the inhibitor was administered to the lateral ventricle.

  • 5-b Immediately after the icv administration of probenecid, AZT or DDI, the BEI study was performed for [3H]AZT or [3H]DDI. Each value represents the mean ± S.E.

  • 5-c Not determined.