Methylation status of Cyp1a1 and Kcng3 genes in mouse lungs

The statistical differences in differential methylation between conditional groups was performed using the χ2 test and applying a q-value (SLIM) threshold of 0.05 and a methylation difference threshold of 25 percent.

ConditionGene NameStrandDistance from TSSDifferential Methylationq-Value (SLIM)
Hx vs. NxENSMUST00000034865.4_Cyp1a1+2890−36.11.42E−05
Hx + SU vs. NxENSMUST00000034865.4_Cyp1a1+2890−41.93.63E−07
Hx + 4091 vs. HxENSMUST00000034865.4_Cyp1a1+289036.17.35E−06
Hx vs. NxENSMUST00000051482.1_Kcng336,396−26.70.00044669
Hx + SU vs. NxENSMUST00000051482.1_Kcng334,396−29.13.44E−14
Hx + 4091 vs. HxENSMUST00000051482.1_Kcng336,39626.70.00245735