High-throughput drug repurposing screens against SARS-CoV-2

Cell lineAssay typeStrain of SARS-CoV-2Library screenedReference
Caco-2CPEUnspecified5632 compounds, including 3488 compounds that have undergone clinical investigationsaB. Ellinger et al., preprint, DOI:
Vero E6Primary screen: CPE
Follow-up: N protein immuno-fluorescence
HKU-001a in 1’ screen USA-WA1/2020 for follow-upLOPAC 1280 and ReFRAME libraryaL. Riva et al., preprint, DOI:
Vero E6CPEBavPat1 strainPrestwick Chemical Library (1520 approved drugs)F. Touret et al., preprint, DOI:
  • CPE, cytopathic effect.

  • a Proprietary library.