IR + CHBP + CASP3siRNA vs. IR + CHBP + NCsiRNA, top five upregulated and downregulated genes

Genes in italic indicate analysis by qPCR and were discussed as biomarker candidates of IR-induced AKI. P < 0.05.

Accession NumberGene SymbolGene NameFold Change
NM_011824GREM1Gremlin 115.987
NM_001001450SSXB2Synovial sarcoma, X member B, breakpoint 214.817
NM_026433TMEM100Transmembrane protein 1009.749
NM_011825GREM2Gremlin 2 homolog, cysteine knot superfamily (Xenopus laevis)9.312
NM_007729COL11A1Collagen, type XI, alpha 18.978
AK041888ANGPTL2Angiopoietin-like 2−24.390
AF107847GNASGNAS (guanine nucleotide binding protein, alpha stimulating) complex locus−12.195
AK081320ZFYVE9Zinc finger, FYVE domain containing 9−7.576
NM_010258GATA6GATA binding protein 6−6.711
NM_026648DNAAF1Dynein, axonemal assembly factor 1−6.579