Functional observation battery assessments in CNS safety pharmacology studies

Observation categoryAssessmentFindings
Home cage observationsPosture, convulsions/tremors, biting, eyelid closure, feces consistencyNone
Handling observationsEase of removal from cage, ease of handling animal in hand, lacrimation/chromodacryorrhea, salivation, piloerection, fur appearance, palpebral closure, respiratory rate/character, eye prominence, mucous membranes/eye/skin color, red/crusty deposits, muscle toneNone
Open field observationsMobility, rearing, convulsions/tremors, grooming, bizarre/stereotypic behavior, time to first step (seconds), gait, gait score, arousal, backing, urination/defecationNone
Sensory observationsApproach response, touch response, startle response, tail pinch response, pupil response, eyeblink response, forelimb extension, hindlimb extension, air righting reflex, olfactory orientationNone
Neuromuscular observationsHindlimb extensor strength, hindlimb foot splay, grip strength (hind- and forelimb), rotarod performanceNone
Physiologic observationsCatalepsy, body temperature, body weightNone