Definitions of phenotypes for CYP2A6 at different levels

Molecular level, or phenotype at the protein level, Vmax-P (pmol/min per picomole), CL-P (μl/min per picomole). Subcellular level, or phenotype at microsomal level, Vmax-M (pmol/min per milligram), CL-M (μl/min per milligram), Content-M (pmol/mg). Tissue level, or phenotype at liver tissue level, Vmax-LT (pmol/min per gram), CL-LT (μl/min per gram), Content-LT (pmol/g). Organ level, or phenotype at liver level, Vmax-L (nmol/min per kilogram), CL-L (μl/min per kilogram), Content-L (nmol/kg). Organism level, or phenotype (clearance) at in vivo level, CL-H (ml/min).

Molecular (protein)Vmax-Pmol/min per picomoleCL-Pμl/min per picomole————
Subcellular (microsomal)Vmax-Mmol/min per milligramCL-Mμl/min per milligramContent-Mpmol/mg
Tissue (liver tissue)Vmax-LTmol/min per gramCL-LTμl/min per gramContent-LTpmol/g
Organ (liver)Vmax-Lmol/min per kilogramCL-Lμl/min per kilogramContent-Lnmol/kg
Organism (in vivo)————CL-Hml/min————
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