Isobolographic analysis showing theoretical (EF50 add) and experimentally determined (EF50 mix) values of GX and TG combinations against the 6-Hz-induced seizures

AED CombinationFixed RatioGX + TG = ED50 mix (mg/kg)nmixEF50 add = GX + TG (mg/kg)nadd
GX + TG1:30.3410.1430.484 (0.282–0.833)320.514 (0.26–1.012)0.3650.14932
GX + TG1:10.3850.0520.437 (0.219–0.870)400.829 (0.42–1.634)0.730.09940
GX + TG3:10.9990.051.049 (0.535–2.057)321.145 (0.58–2.255)1.0950.05032
  • nadd, total animal numbers used to calculate the theoretical line of additivity; nmix, total animal numbers in each mixture of drug combinations.