Clinical assessment parameters and scoring

AppearanceNormalLack of grooming, sunken eyes, mild blepharitis/blepharospasm, mild hunched postureOcular discharge, corneal ulceration, marked blepharitis/blepharospasm, prolonged hunched posture, abdominal distention, head tiltHunched unmoving posture, labored breathing
Clinical signsNoneElevated or decreased respiratory and/or effortClinical dehydration, marked pallor
BehaviorNormalDecreased interaction with cagemates, slow to move about cage, decreased interest in environmentIsolated from cagemates, slow to move when stimulated, impaired mobility, ataxia, hypo- or hyperesthetic when handledImmobile, weakly or not responsive to handling, convulsing
Body conditionBCS ≥3BCS 2 to 3BCS 1 to 2BCS ≤1
  • BCS, Body Condition Score.