PK parameter values for the mPBPK model of MPL

ParameterDefinitionEstimate (% CV)
FrFraction absorbed by ka10.725a
ka1 (h−1)Absorption rate constant0.8 (8.8)b/4.1 (24.8)c
ka2 (h−1)Absorption rate constant0.17 (17.3)
CLEH (ml/h)Extrahepatic clearance347 (4.2)
CLu,int,male (ml/h)Hepatic unbound intrinsic clearance (male)2987 (12.7)
KP, hepPartition coefficient—liver12.6 (7.6)
KP, PPT (muscle)Partition coefficient—poorly perfused tissue1.4d
KP, RPT (lung)Partition coefficient—richly perfused tissue2.1d
fu,pMPL fraction unbound in plasma0.4d
  • a Parameter values fixed from Hazra et al. (2007b).

  • b Male.

  • c Female.

  • d Fixed to in vitro estimates from Ayyar et al. (2019).