Time to tumor regrowth (TTR) of JIMT-1 cells for dosing regimens simulated in the 3DD system

The profile colors are found in Fig. 6B. The TTR was calculated as the horizontal distance between the control arm (black) and treatment profiles, when all growth curves became nearly parallel to one another after cessation of treatment.

Dosing RegimenProfile ColorTTR (d)
 50 nM for 72 haBlue
 50 nM for 72 hGreen2.2
 50 nM for 72 hOrange6.1
 3-h short-term infusionPink8.6
 50 nM for 72 hYellow10.9
 Sequential, 120-h interval; 50 nM for 72 hOrange dashed15.4
 Sequential, 96-h interval; 50 nM for 72 hBlue dashed15.5
 Sequential, 24-h interval; 50 nM for 72 hRed dashed24.3
 Sequential, 48-h interval; 50 nM for 72 hGreen dashed26.0
 Sequential, 72-h interval; 50 nM for 72 hYellow dashed26.8
 Sequential, 24-h interval; 25 nM for 72 hGray dashed23.1
 Simultaneous, 50 nM for 72 hPurple dashed24.6
 Simultaneous, 25 nM for 72 hBlack dashed22.9
  • DE, dasatinib + everolimus simultaneous treatment; PDE, paclitaxel + dasatinib + everolimus treatment; P(DE), paclitaxel followed by dasatinib + everolimus sequential treatment.

  • a The TTR for everolimus was not calculated due to lack of a significant cytostatic/cytotoxic effect. Its profile nearly overlapped with the control profile.