Seizure protection and survival of GNX and ALLO in a CSE model

CSE was initiated by administration of lithium, followed by pilocarpine. GNX (6, 9, 12 mg/kg) or ALLO (15 mg/kg) was administered at time of seizure onset (0 min), 15, 30, or 60 minutes after seizure onset. Data are expressed as the percentage of animals that were protected from seizure (seizure protection) or survived for 24 hours. GNX (all dose levels) produced a statistically significant effect on seizure protection (probit analysis; P < 0.01) and survival (probit analysis; P < 0.001) independent of time of administration after seizure onset. ALLO also produced statistically significant response on seizure protection (P < 0.01) and survival (P < 0.001). There were no differences between ALLO and GNX at any given time point.

Time of administrationSeizure ProtectionSurvival (24 h)
0 min (%)15 min (%)30 min (%)60 min (%)0 min (%)15 min (%)30 min (%)60 min (%)
GNX (6 mg/kg)702030501009090100
GNX (9 mg/kg)904040809090100100
GNX (12 mg/kg)9089801009078100100
ALLO (15 mg/kg)92785678838978100