Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidExpressed ProteinExperimental UseRelevant Figures
p4MRE-NS5A-GFPMRE-driven NS5A-GFP fusion proteinMRE-driven NS5A-GFP time course; live confocal imaging; electrophysiology, cell viability assaysFigs. 1, C and D, 2, and 3
pLuc-MCS/4MREaMRE-driven firefly luciferaseMRE-driven luciferase time courseFig. 1E
pCMV-dTomatodTomato red fluorescent proteinLive confocal imaging; neuronal visualization; dendritic bleb quantificationFigs. 1, C and D, 2A, and 3, C and D
pUHC13-3Constitutively expressed firefly luciferaseCell viability assaysFig. 3, A and B
pRL-TKConstitutively expressed Renilla luciferaseCell viability assaysFig. 1E
pBK; pCDNA3; pRGB4Empty vectorsExperimental controlsAll