Lung cancer cell lines grouped by species and lung cancer type

The cell lines indicated as primary were derived from human lung cancer tissue samples and not purchased commercially.

SpeciesLung Cancer TypeLung Cancer Cell Lines
HumanNonsmall cell lung cancerA549, H23, H157, H358, H460, H1299, H1703, H1975, H5800, PC9, 11–18
Small cell lung cancerDMS-53, H446, N417, N592
AdenocarcinomaHCC827, T1 (primary), 201T (primary)
Bronchoalveolar carcinomaH1650
Papillary adenocarcinomaH441
Squamous cell carcinomaSW900
MouseLewis lung carcinomaLLC
AdenocarcinomaLKR, Line1