In vivo effects of nicotine on lung cancer

Lung Cancer ModelMouse StrainNicotine Dose, Route of AdministrationDuration of TreatmentTumor MeasurementResult (Relative to Control)Reference
N592Nude20 or 200 μg/d, s.c. (osmotic minipump)14 daysVolumeNo effectPratesi et al. (1996)
N417 (nicotine-treated, 500 μM for 7 days)NudeVolume100% increase*Martínez-García et al. (2010)
Growth (Ki-67+)30% increase
DMS-53Nude24 mg/kg per day, s.c. (osmotic minipump)1 moVolume250% increase*Improgo et al. (2013)
Weight380% increase*
A549Nude, ovariectomized200 μg/ml in drinking water38 daysVolume20% increaseJarzynka et al. (2006)
Growth (Ki-67+)300% increase*
Microvascular density80% increase
H460Foxn1nu60 μg, s.c., every other day6 or 28 daysVolumeNo effectWarren et al. (2012)
Angiogenesis (HIF-1α)75% increase (acute),
1300% increase (chronic)*
A549SCID-Beigei.p., every other day (dose not indicated)7 wkSize (luminescence)120% increase*Pillai et al. (2015)
Lung metastasis75% increase
A549Nude BALB/c1 μM in drinking water20 daysVolume88% increaseLiu et al. (2015)
Weight185% increase*
A549 (nicotine-treated, 5 μM)Nude BALB/cAngiogenesis (hemoglobin)170% increase*Shi et al. (2015)
PC9BALB/cAJc1-nu/nu0.6 mg/kg, i.v., 5×/wk or 100 μg/ml in drinking water, then combination with erlotinib (100 mg/kg, p.o.)Nicotine for 18 daysVolume24% and 39% increase for i.v. and p.o., respectively*Li et al. (2015)
Nicotine + Erlotinib for 10 days200% and 300% increase for i.v. Nic + ER and p.o. Nic + ER, respectively, compared with ER alone*
Line1BALB/c1 mg/kg, i.p., 3×/wk2 wkVolume225% increase*Davis et al. (2009)
Tumor recurrence200% increase*
Lung metastasis700% increase*
25 mg/kg per day via transdermal patchVolume65% increase*
Lung metastasis230% increase*
LLCC57BL/6J100 μg/ml in drinking water16 daysVolume100% increase*Heeschen et al. (2001)
LLCC57BL/6100 μg/ml in drinking water14 daysVolume75% increase*Nakada et al. (2012)
LLCC57BL/6J24 mg/kg per day, s.c. (osmotic minipump)7 daysVolumeNo effectKyte et al. (2018)
NNK, i.p.A/J1 mg/kg, i.p., 3×/wk4 wkArea135% increaseDavis et al. (2009)
Lung metastasis60% increase*
NNK, i.p.Ab6F1 (A/J × C57BL/6J)100 μg/ml in drinking water12 wkMultiplicityNo effectMaier et al. (2011)
VolumeNo effect
Incidence35% increase
Growth (Ki-67+)No effect
NNK, i.p.A/J200 μg/ml in drinking water2, 44, or 46 wkVolumeNo effectMurphy et al. (2011)
MultiplicityNo effect
IncidenceNo effect
NNK, i.p.A/J1 mg/kg, i.p.,10 wkIncidence125% increase*Iskandar et al. (2013)
3× per weekVolume80% increase*
Spontaneous tumorKrasLA2/+ C57BL/6J100 μg/ml in drinking water6 wkMultiplicityNo effectMaier et al. (2011)
Growth (Ki-67+)No effect
  • HIF-1α, hypoxia-inducible factor 1-α; i.p., intraperitoneal; LLC, Lewis lung carcinoma; NNK, nicotine-derived nitrosamine ketone; p.o., oral.

  • * Statistically significant.

  • Statistical significance not indicated.