Median–effect parameters and combination indices of FUra as a single agent and in combination with FA and PLP in HT29, HCT116, and L1210 cancer cell lines

Cell LineaDrugbParametercCombination Index Value (1.96 S.D.) at Fractional Effect:
mrDm (IC50) and 95% CI in µMIC25IC50IC75
HT29FUra1.2360.9491.18 (0.76–1.82)
FUra-FA1.0820.9940.64 (0.55–0.74)
FUra-PLP0.8830.9600.66 (0.44–0.99)
FUra-FA-PLP0.5390.9890.14 (0.10–0.19)0.18 (0.03)0.43 (0.06)1.08 (0.16)
HCT116FUra1.230.9211.31 (0.74–2.32)
FUra-FA1.210.9650.76 (0.53–1.10)
FUra-PLP0.400.9650.46 (0.30–0.71)
FUra-FA-PLP0.530.9410.31 (0.16–0.58)1.43 (0.6)1.07 (0.24)1.61 (0.56)
L1210FUra1.750.9690.65 (0.40–1.06)
FUra-FA1.890.9900.30 (0.20–0.44)
FUra-PLP1.6350.9910.28 (0.19–0.41)
FUra-FA-PLP1.150.9950.08 (0.05–0.11)0.56 (0.06)0.77 (0.06)
  • a Cancer cells were the human colorectal carcinoma cell lines HT29 and HCT116 and the L1210 murine lymphocytic leukemia.

  • b Cells were grown in customized Dulbecco’s modified Eagle’s cell culture medium without any B6 vitamer supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum and were exposed for 72 hours to FUra as a single agent, FUra and FA (20 μM), FUra and PLP (160 μM), and FUra with both FA (20 μM) and PLP (160 μM).

  • c Median–effect parameters are the median–effect dose (Dm) and a coefficient (m) for shape (sigmoidicity) of the dose–effect curve. The linear correlation coefficient of the median–effect plot (r) represents conformity of experimental data to the median–effect principle. Median–effect parameters, combination indices, and calculations of error were obtained with the CalcuSyn v2 Software (Biosoft).