Pharmacokinetic parameters obtained from an open two-compartment model that described the total plasma concentration-time profiles from naive-pooled analysis of all genotypes (N = 4 at each time point) after a single intravenous bolus (3 mg/kg) or oral dose (30 mg/kg)

The parameters are presented as the mean estimate.

MeanCV% 95% Confidence Interval
Estimated parameters
 Vcentral (ml/kg)1478.38.1(964.8, 1991.9)
 K10 (h−1)0.476.4(0.34, 0.60)
 K21 (h−1)2.3419.2(0.41, 4.3)
 K12 (h−1)2.1510.4(1.2, 3.1)
 Kelim (h−1)0.211.7(0.20, 0.23)
 Ka (h−1)0.2811.5(0.20, 0.36)
Calculated parameters
 Vu,central (l/kg)645.8
 CLsystemic (ml/min per kilogram)5.21.7(4.8, 5.6)
 Half-life (h)a3.31.7(3.0, 3.5)
  • a Half-life of ponatinib (total drug) from the systemic circulation (body).