Parameter values for GR mRNA expression and receptor dynamics

ParameterDefinitionEstimate (CV%)
a0,GRmFourier coefficient for GR mRNA2824a/1055.9b/2216c,d
a1,GRmFourier coefficient for GR mRNA6.8a/162.2b/−273.2c,d
a2,GRmFourier coefficient for GR mRNA65.9c,d
b1,GRmFourier coefficient for GR mRNA185.6a/−19.9b/−10.9c,d
b2,GRmFourier coefficient for GR mRNA10.1c,d
kd,GRm (h−1)Degradation rate constant for GR mRNA0.26 (15.4)a/0.28b (29.9)/0.31c,d
ks,GR (nM/h)(mol/ng)-1Synthesis rate constant for receptor0.00025 (5.3)a/0.00121b (34.5)/0.00196c,d
IC50,GRm (nM−1)Inhibition of GR mRNA production15.6e
kd,GR (h−1)Degradation rate constant for receptor0.05e
kon (nM−1·h−1)Association rate constant0.016e
fmplUnbound fraction of MPL in plasma0.23e
kre (h−1)DRn loss rate constant1.31e
RfFraction recycled0.93e
kT (h−1)Translocation rate constant58.3e
GRm,MPL (0) (mol/ng RNA)GR mRNA initial concentration (treatment)4000 (fixed)a/1350b (10.7)/2200c,d
GR(0) (nM)Free cytosolic receptor initial concentration19.7 (5.3)a/32.7b (34.5)/86.2c,d
DR(0) (nM)Drug-receptor complex initial concentration0 (fixed)
DRn(0) (nM)Nuclear complex initial concentration0 (fixed)
  • a Lung.

  • b Muscle.

  • c Parameter values fixed from Sukumaran et al. (2011).

  • d Adipose tissue.

  • e Parameter values fixed from Hazra et al. (2007a).