Pharmacokinetic profile of sembragiline in rat and dog after intravenous and oral administration

Intravenous AdministrationOral Administration
Rat (1 mg/kg sembragiline; n=2)Dog (1 mg/kg sembragiline; n=2)Rat (4.4 mg/kg sembragiline; n=3)Dog (3.8 mg/kg sembragiline; n=2)
T1/2, hours3.1126.712
CL, mL/min⋅kg3.01.3
Vss, l/kg0.71.1
Tmax, hours3.22.0
F, %116101
Cmax, ng/ml13502770
  • CL, drug clearance; Cmax, maximum plasma concentration; F, oral availability; T1/2, half-life; Tmax, time to peak concentration; Vss, apparent volume of distribution at steady state.