ED50 values, potency ratios, pKB values, and 95% confidence limits (CLs) for AM-2201, JWH-122, CP-47,497, and JWH-250 in rhesus monkeys discriminating ∆9-THC (0.1 mg/kg i.v.)

Potency ratios are the ED50 values of the agonist versus ∆9-THC or the ED50 values of the agonist in combination with rimonabant (1 mg/kg) divided by the ED50 value of the agonist alone.

Drug aloneED50 Value (95% CL)Potency Ratio (95% CL)pKB (95% CL)
 ∆9-THC0.050 (0.035––0.069)
 AM-22010.005 (0.002–0.013)10 (3.4–16) versus ∆9–THCa
 JWH-1220.015 (0.010–0.023)3.3 (2.8–3.8) versus ∆9–THCa
 CP-47,4970.025 (0.012–0.054)2.0 (0.7–3.5) versus ∆9–THC
 JWH-2500.033 (0.021–0.053)1.5 (0.7–2.4) versus ∆9–THC
Drug in combination with rimonabant
 AM-22010.053 (0.037–0.074)b10.6 (3.2–18.5)6.61 (6.20–7.02)
 JWH-1220.161 (0.108–0.239)b10.7 (9.9–11.3)6.65 (6.62–6.69)
 CP-47,4970.274 (0.119–0.631)b11.0 (9.7–11.9)6.66 (6.61–6.71)
 JWH-2500.517 (0.278–0.963)b15.7 (4.9–28.7)6.83 (6.50–7.17)
  • a Significantly more potent than ∆9-THC.

  • b Significantly different from the ED50 values of the drugs alone.