Comparison of various approaches in determining MABEL

µg/70 kg
In vitro MLR EC10a10
In vitro Kdb3.1
MABEL conversion from micec23
MABEL conversion from monkeysc21
  • a Calculated as the MLR EC10 (0.32 nM) multiplied by the human plasma volume (0.04 l/kg).

  • b The plasma concentration achieving 10% RO was estimated using the equation described by Muller and Brennan (2009), with the in vitro Kd (0.41 nM) and the total CD28 expression (0.65 nM) as inputs. The estimated plasma concentration (0.1 nM) was then multiplied by the human plasma volume (0.04 l/kg) to derive the MABEL.

  • c Calculated based on the body surface area conversion from the MABEL estimated from mice (4 µg/kg) and monkeys (0.9 µg/kg), respectively.