Table 4

Kinetic parameters estimated from compartmental pharmacokinetic modeling analysis

TGZ (10μM) was incubated in day 4 rat SCH as described under Materials and Methods. Parameter estimates were generated by nonlinear regression of the mean TGZ, TS, TG, and TQ data in the medium, hepatocytes and bile based on the equations described under Materials and Methods according to the model scheme depicted in Fig. 1.

Kuptake,TGZ (min−1)0.0072
Kuptake,TS (min−1)0.00436
Kuptake,TG (min−1)0.001388
Kf,TS (min−1)0.38310
Kf,TG (min−1)0.06111
Kf,TQ (min−1)0.00117
Kother (min−1)0.06423
Kefflux,TS (min−1)0.01839
Kefflux,TG (min−1)0.13534
Kbile,TS (min−1)0.03521
Kbile,TG (min−1)0.08748
Kflux,TS (min−1)0.25524
Kflux,TG (min−1)0.13757
Tflux (min)16.78