Table 2

Disposition of TGZ and derived metabolites in human SCH

TGZ, TS, TG, and TQ (expressed as percentage of dose) in medium, hepatocytes, and bile at 30, 60, and 120 min after incubation in medium initially containing 10μM TGZ. BEI of TS and TG was calculated as described under Materials and Methods. Data represent mean of a single determination in n = 2 livers.

% dose%% dose%%
30 min93.93.50N.D.3.696.271.29172.280.07N.D.0.630.060.0546112
60 min88.82.80N.D.13.36.611.22172.230.07N.D.1.560.060.0441117
120 min64.22.04N.D.30.25.640.99152.410.07N.D.2.980.050.0443109
  • N.D., not detectable.