Table 3

Urinary nicotine metabolites in smokers by UGT2B10 haplotypea

Values are mean (S.D.).

UGT2B10bnNicotine EquivalentscCotinine GlucuronidationNicotine Glucuronidation
Wild type66101.3 (58.1)65.4 (13.5)2.42 (1.39)42.5 (18.9)1.25 (1.46)
D67Y1869.2 (42.0)52.7 (11.4)1.34 (0.82)34.0 (15.6)0.64 (0.46)
  • a Metabolites were quantified in morning (first void) urine, two to four baseline visits per participant, and the effect of haplotype was tested by repeated measures analysis of variance.

  • b D67Y genotype includes only heterozygotes.

  • c Sum of total nicotine, total cotinine, and total trans-3′-hydroxycotinine.

  • d Percentage of analyte excreted as a glucuronide.

  • e Ratio of conjugated analyte to free analyte; square-root transformed.