Table 1

Synopsis of in vitro radioligand competition experiments assessing actions of improgan on the CB1 receptor

Receptor SourceReceptor3H-RadioligandImprogan
nM μM
SW mouse whole brainCB1 CP-55,940 [0.4]0.03–30
SW mouse whole brainCB1 SR141716A [1.0]1–30
Rat whole brainCB1 CP-55,940 [0.4]0.03–30
CB1(+/+) miceCB1 SR141716A [1.0]1–30
Human recombinant (HEK-293)CB1 WIN-55,212-2 [8.0]10
Human recombinant (CHO)CB2 WIN-55,212-2 [2.4]10

Improgan had no effect on CB1 receptor binding under the conditions shown. See Materials and Methods for experimental details.

  • CHO, chinese hamster ovary; HEK, human embryonic kidney; SW, Swiss-Webster.