Table 1

Heterologous sensitization of recombinant isoforms of AC Effect of agonist treatment on subsequent cAMP accumulation compared with vehicle-treated cells under the indicated stimulation condition.

Receptor (Agonist Time) Cellular ModelCa2+-Stimulated ACsCa2+-Inhibited ACsβγ-Stimulated1-a ACs
D2 dopamine (2 h)1-b Ca2+(+)PKC (+)
HEK293 stable
M2muscarinic (30 min)1-c FSK (no)FSK (no)FSK (no)
HEK293 transients(no)s (+)s(no)
μ-Opioid (18 h)1-d Ca2+ (+)Ca2+(+)Ca2+ (no)FSK (+)s (+)PKC (no)s (−)s(−)
COS-7 transientFSK (+)s (no)s (+)s(−)
D2 dopamine (18 h)1-e Ca2+ (+)Ca2+(+)s (−)s(+)s (+)s(−)s (−)s(−)
COS-7 transient
M4muscarinic (18 h)1-e Ca2+(+)Ca2+ (+)s(−)s (+)s(+)s (−)s(−)s (−)
COS-7 transient
CB1cannabinoid (18 h)1-f FSK (+)FSK (+)FSK (+)FSK (+)FSK (+)s (−)s(−)s (−)
COS-7 transients(+)
μ-Opioid (18 h)1-g Ca2+ (+)FSK (+)s(−)
COS-7 transient
PKC (+)
D2 dopamine (2 h)1-h Ca2+ (+)Ca2+(no)FSK (+)FSK (no)s(+)
HEK293 stables(+)s(no)
PKC (+)
D2 dopamine (18 h)1-h Ca2+(+)Ca2+ (+)FSK (+)FSK (no)s (+)
HEK293 stableFSK (no)s (+)s(no)
  • (+), increased response; (−), reduced response, (no), no effect; Ca2+, ionomycin/A23187; FSK, forskolin; Gαs, activation of Gαs-coupled receptor; PKC, phorbol, 12-myristate, 13-acetate.

  • 1-a Conditionally stimulated by βγ subunits in presence of activated Gαs.

  • 1-b Watts and Neve (1996).

  • 1-c Thomas and Hoffman (1996).

  • 1-d Avidor-Reiss et al. (1997).

  • 1-e Nevo et al. (1998).

  • 1-f Rhee et al. (2000).

  • 1-g Nevo et al. (2000).

  • 1-h Cumbay and Watts (2001).