Table 1

Ambulatory activity: ANOVA table for the effects of drugs on ambulatory activity in water- and caffeine-drinking rats

DrugEffectdfHorizontal ActivityVertical Activity
F ValueP ValueFValueP Value
CaffeineMain F 2,80 6.138.0085.003.017
Interaction F 8,80 3.995<.0012.385.023
NicotineMain F 2,80 4.269.0293.626.045
Interaction F 8,80 0.179.9810.382.888
AmphetamineMain F 2,80 3.494.0490.718.500
Interaction F 8,80 3.333.0021.358.227
CocaineMain F 2,80 0.771.4751.208.319
Interaction F 8,80 2.311.0441.475.201

Shown are the F values, degrees of freedom (df), and significance levels of difference (P values) revealed by ANOVA. Two-way repeated measures ANOVA on one repeated factor was used to depict quantitative (main effect) and qualitative (interaction) differences in the effects of drugs on the two measures of ambulatory activity in water, 0.25-CAFF, and 1.0-CAFF groups. The dose-response functions are plotted in Figs. 1 and 2.