Table 4

Affinity of KMD-3213 and reference compounds for the recombinant α1-AR subtypes

KMD-321310.47.78.7 Shibata et al., 1995 5.85
Tamsulosin10.79.510.2 Shibata et al., 1995 6.17
Prazosin9.89.610.2 Shibata et al., 1995 5.31
Terazosin8.18.64-a 8.6b Foglar et al., 1995 5.14
WB41019.78.59.6 Shibata et al., 1995 4.95
5-Methyl urapidil9.17.48.0 Shibata et al., 1995 5.17
Urapidil7.26.65.8b Testa et al., 1995 3.96

Data represent the mean pKi (−log10Ki) values taken from Shibata et al. (1995), Foglar et al. (1995), and Testa et al. (1995) and pID50[−log10 (ID50)] values of the present i.v. study.

  • 4-a Cloned hamster and b cloned rat; all other values are affinities for cloned human receptors.