Table 2

Metabolism of various model substrates by CYP2F2

SubstrateSubstrate for:Activity
pmol/min/nmol CYP-450 pmol/min/nmol CYP2F2
EthoxyresorufinCYP1A137,0002-a 2.5  ± 0.3
PentoxyresorufinCYP2B11802-b–31502-c 2.1  ± 0.4
p-NitrophenolCYP2E120102-d–40002-e 2510  ± 146.1

Values for CYP2F2 metabolism are average ± S.D. of triplicate incubations. Activities with recombinant CYP2F2 were obtained using incubation conditions unoptimized for time, reductase/P-450 ratio, or stimulation by cytochrome b5.

  • 2-a Activity for recombinant human CYP1A1 (Buters et al., 1995).

  • 2-b Activity for recombinant rabbit CYP2B4 (Szklarz et al., 1996).

  • 2-c Activity for recombinant rabbit CYP2B5 (Szklarz et al., 1996).

  • 2-d Activity for recombinant human CYP2E1 (−)-cytochromeb5 (Chen et al., 1996).

  • 2-e Activity for recombinant rat CYP2E1 (−)-cytochromeb5 (Chen et al., 1996).