Table 2

Variables influencing baseline enalaprilat trough levels in addition to dosage of enalapril (including all p < .1)

One CovariateMultiple Covariates2-a
FValueSignificanceF ValueSignificance
Body weight3.
Physical sign of CHF (yes/no)
NYHA class4.1.05
Systolic blood pressure4.7.05
Serum creatinine21.0.00144.2.001
Peak VO2 2-b 3.0.09
VO2 2-b at rest3.0.0910.3.01
  • ANOVA including one or multiple covariates in addition to enalapril dosage.

  • 2-a NYHA class, systolic blood pressure, and peak VO2did not independently influence plasma enalaprilat levels in this model (p > .05).

  • 2-b Oxygen consumption.