Table 2

In vitro receptor binding profile of Lu 10-134-C (IC50, nM)

DrugIn vitro Receptor Binding Profile (IC50, nM)
Tritiated ligands8-OH-DPATKetanserinMesulerginePrazosinIdaxozanDihydroalprenololSCH 23390SpiperoneMepyramineQNB
Lu 10-134-C>100,0007001702907,00042,0007,0002,600310630
Fluoxetine79,0002-a 7102-a 1602-a 14,0002-a 2,8002-a 18,0002-a 10,0002-a 32,0002-a 3,2002-a 3,1002-a
Clomipramine28,0002-a 542-a 43602-a 1,8002-a 22,0002-a 1902-a 4302-a 542-a 672-a

For comparison, data on fluoxetine, clomipramine and imipramine are inserted.

  • 2-a Data published previously by Hyttel (1994).