Table 1

Characteristics of the 14 human livers

NumberR/S ratioPutative PhenotypeUsed for
HL-30.075EMKinetic study1-a
HL-60.162EMKinetica,b, correlation and inhibition studies
HL-80.886PMKinetica,b, correlation and inhibition studies
HL-260.198EMKinetic study1-a
HL-290.793PMKinetica,b, inhibition and immunoinhibition studies
HL-20.115EMCorrelation and inhibition studies
HL-270.142EMInhibition study
HL-220.882PMKinetic1-b, correlation and inhibition studies
HL-50.204EMKinetic1-b, correlation and immunoinhibition studies
HL-300.153EMKinetic1-b, and correlation studies
HL-310.523EMCorrelation study
HL-320.749PMCorrelation study
HL-330.104EMCorrelation study
HL-340.058EMCorrelation study

The R/S ratio was determined as the ratio of the rate of formation of 4′-hydroxymephenytoin with 1 mM (R)-mephenytoin to that with 1 mM (S)-mephenytoin. Microsomal samples with a ratio of >0.7 were classified as those derived from the putative PM patients.

  • 1-a Kinetic study for Eadie-Hofstee plots.

  • 1-b Kinetic study for estimating intrinsic clearance.