Summary of recent nanoparticle technologies applied in drug delivery

Insulinl-valine and phenylboronic acid modified chitosan-based multifunctional nanocarrierTo overcome multiple barriers for oral insulin deliveryLi et al. (2017)
InsulinPLGA and Pluronic F68 based nanoparticlesTo enhance the bioavailability using negatively changed nanoparticles for better absorptionCzuba et al. (2018)
CurcuminFolic acid conjugated PLGA–PEG copolymer based nanosystemTo carryout site specific release of hydrophobic anti-cancer drugsPillai et al. (2015)
CurcuminN-carboxymethyl chitosan based nanoparticlesTo enhance the drug delivery to lymphatic systemBaek and Cho (2017)
CurcuminPolyacrylamide-grafted-xanthan gum based nanoparticlesTo improve the bioavailability of drug for colon targetingMutalik et al. (2016)
Paclitaxel and curcuminFolate conjugated lipid nanoparticlesTo co-deliver both drugs to enhance uptake and inhibit multidrug resistantLiu et al. (2017)
Cisplatin prodrug [Asplatin, c,c,t-[PtCl2(NH3)2(OH) (aspirin)]Cholesterol–asplatin-incorporated mPEG-PLGA nanoparticlesTo improve the oral delivery with improved efficacy and reduced toxicityCheng et al. (2015)
DoxorubicinHN-1 medicated PEGylated DOXTo improve the penetration efficiency to oral squamous cell carcinomaWang et al. (2017b)
TriclabendazoleChitosan 70/5 and Miglyol 812To develop oral nanoformulation for anti-parasitic drugsReal et al. (2018)
Cyclosporine ALipid nanoparticlesTo enhance drug deliveryGuada et al. (2016)
Betulinic acidPLGA based nanoparticlesFor improved anti- hepatocellular carcinoma activity than the parent compoundKumar et al. (2018)
Olmesartan medoxomilLipid nanoparticlesTo enhance oral bioavailabilityKaithwas et al. (2017)
EpirubicinPLGA based nanoparticles with PEG modificationTo improve permeability across the ileum of RodentTariq et al. (2016)
ScutellarinNanosystem based on chitosan derivativesTo enhance oral bioavailabilityWang et al. (2017)
ResveratrolZein-based nanoparticlesImproved oral bioavailability and anti-inflammatory effectsPenalva et al. (2015)
Superoxide dismutaseZein-alginate nanoparticlesFor steady state release of drug to decrease endotoxicity of IP administrationLee et al. (2016)
QuercetinModified chitosan and alginate nanoparticlesTo reduce blood glucose levels in diabetic ratsMukhopadhyay et al. (2018)
HesperetinNanocrystals of drug using phytantriol and lecithin with Pluronic F-127 or mannitol as surfactantTo improve site targeting using 2D and 3D arrays of nanocrystalsShete et al. (2015)
PaclitaxelEudragit-coated nanorodsFor better therapeutic response by taking advantage of less macrophagial consumption of the polymerYilmaz et al. (2016)
Platinum complex drugsB-lactoglobulin-pectin encapsulated nanoparticlesTo protect the drug through GIT using natural coating of pectinIzadi et al. (2016)