Summary of advanced capsule technologies

Ga-citrateGelatin capsulesTo study the gastrointestinal transit timeExtended releaseWagner et al. (2017)
TributyrinWhey protein and γ-cyclodextrinTo study In vitro release of butyric acid for the treatment of intestinal disorderControlled releaseDonovan et al. (2017)
Sulforhodamine 101 (fluorescent probe as model drug)Rhamnogalacturonan-IFor the treatment of colonic cancer and better protection of the drug throughout the GITControlled releaseSvagan et al. (2016)
IvermectinPCL elastomersFor extended release of anti-malaria drugsControlled and extended releaseBellinger et al. (2016)
VeledimexGelatin capsulesTo regulate gene expression and studying the drug pharmacokineticsControlled releaseMulugeta et al. (2018)
ParacetamolSporopollenin exine capsules (SEC) with carboxymethyl cellulose and epichlorohydrin coatingTo enhance bioavailability of paracetamolExtended releaseAlshehri et al. (2016)
CurcuminMesoporous silica microcapsules using N-hexadecyl palmitate (NHP) in Tween 40To improve the stability and gastro-resistant delivery intestinal absorption of curcuminControlled releaseKim et al. (2016)
ProbucolChenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA) microcapsulesTo improve permeation properties of the drugTargeted oral deliveryMooranian et al. (2015)
GliclazideCDCA and sodium alginateTo enhance delivery of Gliclazide with CDCA in lower intestine with prolong releaseTargeted oral deliveryMathavan et al. (2016)
Fluorescent particlesParticle-in-particleFor effective colon cancer treatmentTargeted oral deliveryMa et al. (2015)
Sodium salt of FurosemideMicrowells of poly-l-lactic acid with coating of EudragitTo deliver the powdered drug to the target site throughout the GITTargeted oral deliveryNielsen et al. (2015)
InsulinWhey protein (WPI), polyglycerol and sodium alginate (SA) or carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) coatingTo enhance oral drug deliveryControlled releaseCardenas-Bailon et al. (2015)
Insulin(PLGA)-lipid –PEG hybrid nanoparticles filled in gelatin capsules with hydro-proxy-propyl methyl cellulose phthalate polymer coatingTo enhance bioavailability and protection against acidic environmentControlled releaseYu et al. (2015)
OxycodoneDETERx microsphere capsulesTo enhance the bioavailability specially for patients with dysphagiaControlled and extended releaseFleming et al. (2016)
BudesonideEudragit S-100 and L-100 gelatin capsulesTo increase the lag time to target colon related diseasesControlled releaseYehia et al. (2011)
DocetaxelSurfactant based solid dispersions in gelatin capsuleTo attain higher solubility and dissolutionControlled releaseMoes et al. (2011)