Mean serum pharmacokinetic parameters of TAK-079 after an intravenous infusion into female cynomolgus monkeys

DoseDose ScheduleSample TimingNCmaxAUC366T1/2
0.1WeeklyWeek 171.77104NC
Week 1312.49218NC
0.3WeeklyWeek 174.32327NC
Week 1327.78665NC
1.0WeeklyWeek 1721.21630NC
Week 13428.62700NC
3BiweeklyWeek 1362.17600NC
Week 13390.118,400237
30BiweeklyWeek 1368092,800NC
Week 133962228,000NC
80BiweeklyWeek 131630220,000NC
Week 1333140456,000415
  • AUC366, area under concentration-time curve from dose administration to 366 h postdose; N, number of animals; NC, no change; T1/2, elimination half-life.