Prediction accuracy of renal clearance of seven drugs predicted using mechanistic kidney model (MechKiM) and mechanistic renal tubular reabsorption model (static model)

For simulation using MechKim, urine/tubular pH at average condition was used as 7.4 (Simcyp default value) and 6.2 (Rose et al., 2015). Details of predictions are listed Supplemental Material, Supplemental Table S14.

AFEAAFERMSE% 2-fold% 3-fold
MechKiM (pH 7.4)3.393.6229.126.357.9
MechKiM (pH 6.2)2.692.8737.952.668.4
Static modela1.421.9718.468.473.7
  • AAFE, absolute average fold error; AFE, average fold error; RMSE, root mean square error.

  • a Scotcher et al. (2016b).